Friday, November 22, 2013

21 Reasons Why a Cruise is an Excellent Idea for Family Vacation

Well I am fresh off the good ship fattening. It was glorious. I will share pictures and go into more details that is the wonder of our family vacation at a later time. For now, I give the reasons why this was an excellent idea in the first place.

1.      Both of the cruise lines I have been on have a chocolate extravaganza at some point…. Need I say more?

2.      Fun for all ages, genders, and walks of life. Pools, spas, mini gold, water slides, gambling, game rooms, shows… etc. 
3.      I was commenting to one of my sisters that this is one of THE BEST parts of a cruise… there is no cell service. I know... I know, it’s inconvenient and you need it and blah blah (I am not pointing fingers... I have been guilty of this as well). But when you are on family vacation with a number of people who all have their reasons for needing to be swiping away at their phones all day, it is so refreshing to remove the temptation and be able to enjoy each other without the distraction of technology (whew… run on sentence, I know). 

4.     You really cannot beat the price for everything that is included. Food, accommodation, entertainment, transportation... and these little beauties.
5.     They have a fantastic steam room. Just sit there and sweat out all the cookies you have consumed. 

6.     Excellent gym which includes an assortment of fitness classes.

7.     So many food options, even if you are a picky or snobbish eater, you will find something yummy.

8.     For a runner, it is a beautiful experience to run every morning on the top deck. Just pop in your head phones and enjoy the amazing beauty of endless ocean all around. 

9.     Parents with young children can place their kids in camp carnival for much of the day. This is a free service, and the kids loved it. You really can’t beat that.
10. The ship is small enough where you can find the members of your family if you want… but large enough where you can avoid them if you want as well (not saying that this would ever happen... but just in case).

11. If you live on one of the lower floors, you have the option of getting exercise every time you want to eat, by climbing the six flights of stairs to get to any of the diners. 

12. Whether you have sunshine or clouds, there is always something fun to do. 
13. You have the opportunity of dressing up for nice sit down family dinner. Something that you probably only do twice a year otherwise.
  14.  There are no windows in most of the cabins, so you can stay up or sleep in at your leisure. 

15.  The gentle sway of the ship rocks you to bed at night.

16.  They have a midnight Mexican buffet (I don’t know why you would need to eat at midnight, but at least you have the option) and if you do so choose to partake… it is delicious. 

17.  You can (potentially) see different parts of the world without having to sit in a car or a plane for hours. Instead you can be sitting by the pool sipping Mojitos.
18.  There is a serenity deck with wonderfully comfy lounge chairs and two Jacuzzis. This is in a prime spot on the boat and no kids are allowed. 

19.  Some of the shows they have are hilarious. On more than one instance I belly laughed to the point where I wiped tears from my eyes and had to come up for a breath. 

20.   24 hour pizza bar. Thin crust and cheesy slices of yumminess. 

21.   And finally, cruise ships have the friendliest staff around. They make it a point to remember your name whenever and wherever they see you. They strive to make you vacation exceptional and it shows. 

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  1. This says it all. What a wonderful family vacation (most of the family).


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