Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Many of You Would Be Appalled

Go ahead and be shocked and appalled but yes... I have had my first Christmas party of the year. If you read my brilliant post 10 Reasons Why Christmas Should Start Now, then you understand all of the logic of my ways.

It is indeed the beautiful, wonderful, Christmas season.

Since the first year of our marriage Cory and I have hosted a "Christmas Season Commencement Party". We are kind of like the little elves in my family, sprinkling the Christmas cheer all around. Therefore we judged that it was our duty to proclaim the commencement of the Christmas season, thus our fabulous idea - Now the third annual party.

It was an extremely private affair, only the very elite were invited, after all it was a black tie (mostly because my home can barely house more than my family).

Because I relish an opportunity to be creative, I made and sent out invitations. My inspiration was a Christmas ornament.

I love throwing parties. It is the perfect time to try new recipes.... or is it? I think perhaps not. Oh well, that is what I did. I was in the kitchen the entire day, trying to put together a million gourmet appetizers. Some were good, some were definitely sub par. But it was all fun.

The menu was comprised of various delicacies such as fondue, bacon wrapped dates, cranberry brie bites, pumpkin dip and many other fattening treats. We purchased a new cookie cutter specifically for the party which Cory insisted suited us perfectly… I am inclined to agree. I made several batches of my most delicious eggnog (if I do say so myself).

We ate, socialized, and ate some more. Just what should be done in a small family gathering.

It is a tradition in my family to sing the twelve days of Christmas together. We do it at every Christmas party (yes there are a lot), at Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas eve and Christmas day. Since the tradition has begun with our commencement party, we also host our first round in song. It is hilarious to go through the lyrics while people try to harmonize... or not harmonize. It gets louder and louder each time. Oh it is truly grand.
So here is to the first celebration of the Christmas season. I hope that you find a little inspiration to bring to your own holiday season and family traditions.

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