Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Christmas Should Start Now

I love Christmas. I will save all of my effusions of why I love Christmas for a later time. For now I will just list the (very logical) reasons why the Christmas season should already be swelling in all of your hearts as it is in mine.
1.      Thanksgiving and Christmas are both wrapped up in the “Holiday Season”. The expectation and preparation of the holidays are all part of the season. Do you prepare for Thanksgiving the day before? I don’t think so.

2.      Disneyland starts their Christmas music, Christmas decorations, and Christmas parade on the second Friday of November. This year Christmas began at Disneyland on November 8th. That seems like a perfectly reasonable time to start playing Christmas tunes and feeling more love for mankind.

3.      Costco, Hallmark, Michaels, the Dollar Tree, and I am sure many other stores (these are the ones I have seen with my own eyes) start selling all of their Christmas merchandise after Halloween.

4.      If you begin thinking about Christmas now, you actually have time to buy all of your gifts without cramming your shopping in the week before Christmas with all of the other holiday crazies (although I confess, I love the hustle and bustle of the stores at Christmas). But when you have seventeen people in your immediate family, and five in your husband’s, plus several other miscellaneous individuals, the more time to shop for the multitude the better.

5.      Thanksgiving does not have its own music. However many Christmas song were originally written for Thanksgiving or touch on the topic, but are all wrapped up together with Christmas music. Therefore the separation between Thanksgiving and Christmas is blurred and Christmas music should be blasting out of your speakers in November.

6.      Starbucks starts using their beautiful red Christmas cups in the first week of November. AND starts serving the delicious and wonderful Christmas beverage Crème Brule Latte.

7.      How are you going to fit in all of the parties and the baking and shopping and laughing and enjoying in ONE MONTH? You will end up overlooking making cookies for your neighbor, skipping so and so’s party, and forgetting your nephew’s gift. Don’t do that. Don’t be that person.

8.      Santa takes his royal seat in many malls after Halloween.

9.      You will be watching way too many movies in December if you wait to watch all of the awesome Christmas movies till after Thanksgiving. It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas… just to name a few. You don’t want to be stuck in front of the tube all December when you are supposed to be enjoying family and good cheer. Word to the wise, start watching those delightful Christmas classics now.

10.  It is the happiest, most love-filled, exciting, beautiful, fattening, most wonderful time of the year. Why would we try to cram all of the wonderfulness into three and a half tiny weeks?

So I will be the first to tell you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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