Sunday, November 17, 2013

Five Things You Should Never Do

Well here is to another week with new possibilities, a fresh dose of discipline, and (I hope) a giant portion of organizational skills. Am I the only one who has that desire?

I happened upon a situation this week (could have been me... or someone else) where a couple of the items on this list arose in one day, and I thought to myself, "this should never be done".

I am not confirming or denying that I can give you this advice based on personal experience. Maybe I have done these things, maybe I haven't. Maybe I do some of them on a very regular basis... maybe I don't.

Either way, I think you will find that this list is comprised of very sound advice. 

1. You should never eat a piece of bread without toasting it or fixing it up just right, simply because you haven't eaten all day and you need something substantial in your stomach quick. The calories are going to be the same either way (not that I count calories). So if you are going to eat bread, toast it to perfection and slather it with butter and pumpkin butter. Seriously one of the most heavenly experiences.

2. You should never say no (if you are master of your own schedule) and your dad calls to invite you on a walk complete with fresh air and good conversation.

3. You should never have this sequence of events occur.
        a. Wash and braid your hair before bed
        b. Take it out and leave it down without brushing it
        c. Wear a scarf half the day
        d. Put it up in clips without brushing it
        e. Sleep on it
        f. Go to the gym in a hurry so you throw your rat's nest into a bundle and sweat it out
        g. Wash your hair, put the clips back in, and move on with your day

4. You should never wear ten different outfits complete with shoes and accessories... and neglect to put them away as you go. Never.... Never.

5. And finally... you really should  never be blogging when you are leaving for a cruise first thing in the morning, you haven't packed a thing, you are supposed to have family taco night in twenty minutes, and many one or two of the aforementioned items on this list have occurred!

On that note, I must run. Have a wonderful week!


  1. I Agree With Your Points And Truly Hope That You Never Do Number Three Again! As Much As I Love To See It on you ;)

  2. This gave me a really good chuckle


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