Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Cruise Blooper Reel

With sixteen of our family members crawling the ship, some super funny moments were bound to occur. Missy and Jimmy are quite the pair, masters of disguise in the making. And just think... these are only the ones I happened to catch on camera. The trip was filled with tricks, jokes, and an abundance of laughter.

A sudden change occurred in this corner in the middle of family dinner.

Flipping through the pictures on my camera I found that this little beauty was secretly taken.

Some of the visitors that came knocking at our door saying, "House keeping, you want me fluff your pillow?"
The ship was big.... anybody could be lurking around the corner.
My brother.... yeah. Love him.
When debarking we happened upon this group of shady people.
There are no words.
These are the original disguises we first saw Missy and Jimmy in on the ship. We did not recognize they were sitting at the neighboring table. We laughed until we cried.


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