Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Grateful Heart

The season of thankfulness has come around once again. Sometimes I wonder if all the traditions, the football, the food, the hustle and the bustle cloud the wonderful meaning of Thanksgiving.

Our church service on Sunday rocked the whole congregation with an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. Sporadic applause occurred throughout the message and I heard several members telling one another they were grateful for the other. It is a wonderful thing to feel that thankfulness rise up inside of you. 

It seems sad to need to be reminded of your blessings by the comparison of those who are lacking. And yet, we have all been there before. When you are so accustomed to all of the blessings, it is so easy to take them for granted. My life is by no means perfect, but it is truly amazing. 

And so, in the spirit of this season, and preparation for tomorrow, here are a few of the things that I am most thankful for. They may seem to be the most obvious things to be thankful for, but when it comes down to it, everything else in this world could fade away as long as I had these. 

1.    My husband. The other night Cory and I were getting ready to go to sleep and he told me how blessed he was to have married me. He said that I could have done better and he was so thankful. Those are the wonderful words that a wife loves to hear. It made me think of all of his wonderful attributes that I needed in a spouse. He possesses characteristics that I did not realize would complete me and fulfill me. What a blessing to have that mutual admiration, love, and thankfulness for one another. I am truly grateful to have a marriage so blessed by God.
2.    My parents. I know that everyone says they are thankful for family, and I am sure they are. But when I say that I am thankful for my parents, I mean it with ever fiber of my being, with my whole heart. These two people are the most wonderful, giving, loving, funny, Godly, balanced, honorable, trustworthy, and principled people I know. I am so blessed to have the relationship with them that every daughter could want. 
3.    My siblings. Every single one of my siblings has a special place in my heart separate from everyone. Due to the different relationship that I have with each one, I have someone to go to for every topic I could want to discuss, rant I need to get off my chest, advice I would need, or the specific comfort I long. Now that we are all adults, the age difference matters little. It is very easy to find kindred spirits in family when you are raised by such wonderful parents. Beyond the ties of blood, we are bonded by love, memories, and faith.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that you take a moment throughout the week to truly dwell upon those things you are grateful for. Let it well up inside of you until it explodes out of your mouth and through your actions.

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