Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Amazing Father Daughter Tea

Here is a little peek into the happenings of the 13th Annual Father Daughter Tea.

The theme, "Thanks for the Memories" carried an array of laughter, tears, and magical moments. Little girls, teenage girls, and grown up girls alike had something in common. They were each there to spend quality time with their dad.

New dads, old dads, struggling dads, and the super dads all showed up to make the day special for their daughters.

I could ramble on about the importance of a dad in a little girls life (and grown up girls too), but I think a lot of these pictures speak for themselves. The dads shared a special dance with their daughters... look in some of their little faces and you will see just how special it was to those girls.


  1. Beautiful fond memories, lovely tribute to a special relationship. And the photos are fabulous.

    1. Thank you Amrita! It was so much fun to try to capture these special moments. I am glad you stopped by!


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