Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Random Things in My Week

Oh Friday… what a wonderful day in this busy week.

I am participating in the Five on Friday blog hop on The Good Life Blog. The prompt is as follows: blog about any five things… things I am loving, things on my mind...anything I want. How fun is that? And so here goes….

One of my favorite shows started up again last week. I am not condoning a lot of TV watching.... but I think it is so fun to have a few shows to look forward to each week :) And Person of Interest is one of those intense, comical, entertaining, and therefore addicting shows! Love it.

My adorable little nephew turned one last month. So crazy! I just loved the array of emotions that was portrayed while waiting for his coconut chocolate cake (which was both healthy and insanely delicious by the way!)

We are reading "The Old Curiosity Shop" in our book club this month. I am about half way through. I laugh and I cry. There are some of the most fascinating, inspirational, and frankly weird, characters in this novel. Dickens has to be one of the most amazing writers.

I am on like the hundredth day of the squat challenge (perhaps this is a slight exaggeration). There are some feelings of relief when I am done with my squats for the day... but I am really enjoying the challenge. Squats are one of THE BEST things you can do for your rear, especially if you suffer from FBS (Flat Booty Syndrome). Its just about building the habit and sticking with it :)

So the other day when I went to visit my hubby in Tahoe, he decided that he wanted to take me on a "just because" shopping spree (aren't husbands the sweetest?). I have more pairs of jeans than anyone I know. But I LOVE getting a new pair of nice jeans. Some girls do shoes... I do pants. And so Cory took me to Buckle and bought me these beautiful MissMe's... They are the kind of jeans that you put on and feel better about your life. So, thank you husband :)

So there are my five random thoughts for this week :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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