Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Grown Up World and Coffee...

Well today has been one of those days. You know the kind where you are running around trying to get a million things done… and at the end of the day you wonder where all your time went. The house a disaster, work is tedious, laundry piling up, bills to pay and paperwork up the wazoo. Yeah, the grown up world is really something….

Suffice to say I have not had a moment to jot down a little something about how jolly my life is. But here goes whatever jolliness I can conjure up this evening.

Over the weekend I went to Seattle for a dear friend’s wedding. We were blessed with wonderful weather (kind of special for that city). 

On Friday we went to the Pike Place Market … home of the very first Starbucks and a daily farmer’s market. We were on a mission to buy the flowers for the wedding. What an array of beautiful options were presented to us. 

Our goal did not stop us from waiting in the ridiculously long line to get a delicious steamy latte, or from trying some yummy Russian pastries. I must say that the original Starbucks is the most efficient coffee shop I have ever been in (and I know my way around a coffee shop). 

Pike’s Place was such a fun outing. It is definitely a very touristy thing to do... my sister even overheard an English guy explaining to the barista at Starbucks that he needed her photo. He likened her popularity to an American desiring a photo of a Beefeater in front of Buckingham Palace. That will give you a little perspective on the presence of Starbucks in our world… I’m just saying. 

So, if you make it out to the beautiful city of Seattle, I would say Pike’s Place is worth a visit. 

Till next time…. Continue to conquer this crazy grown up world.

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