Thursday, October 3, 2013

On Daddies and Daughters

Here is to one of the most wonderful and special relationships that exist in the world, that of father and daughter. 

I don’t mean to sound redundant but this is yet another area which I feel extremely blessed. My dad has always felt strongly about the importance of the dad’s role in a daughter’s life. He wanted to be the loving father so that we could get a little glimpse of the love of our Heavenly father. He wanted to be the example of a gentleman so that we knew what to look for in a husband. He wanted to be the first man that any of his daughters danced with.

My dad wanted to demonstrate the importance of these principles to other fathers and daughters. Coming up on October 13th is the 13th Annual Father Daughter Tea in Big Bear Valley. It is only a few hours in which you get to spend truly quality time with one another. 

Lives are changed at this event… and it is not merely about the memories made there while sitting with your dad or your daughter. It is about the principles that are learned and the habits that are formed because of the experience. 

Even if you live too far away to participate in this event; drink tea, dance with your dad, enjoy the moment that you have. These moments are so fleeting….

Anyone in the Big Bear area should come. You will have the most amazing time, make the most wonderful memories, and realize some valuable principles (not to mention eat some delicious food!)

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