Friday, October 18, 2013

What I Have to Say About Parenting

I know that many people may think it is very odd that I could have anything to say about parenting. How could I know anything? I don’t have any kids.

I may not have any kids… but I do know a little bit about this. I am the keen observer of the greatest parents in the world; the two most integral people in my character, beliefs, and very existence… my own wonderful mom and dad (they are probably going to stop reading my blog if I keep talking about them like this… but what can I do? They truly are the best).
About five years ago I had this brilliant idea to write a book. It was going to be called “Good Parenting (from a daughter’s perspective)”… or maybe something a little wittier… I wasn’t sure yet but it was going to be awesome.

I wrote the introduction and the skeleton of my ideas and points.... and then life kept moving forward at ludicrous speed. Work. School. Marriage. Travel. Busyness… just life.

The time has come to revisit the idea in a much smaller, more manageable way...

Without further ado…. Good Parenting (from a daughter’s perspective) the blog series.

Here is the introduction I wrote several years ago. This demonstrates where my inspiration came from and where my heart was in contemplation of this topic.

In looking at my family (you can get a glimpse here, and here), people can clearly see that there is a bond between us all that is seldom seen in modern families. It is difficult to really pin down everything that has impacted our relationship with one another in such a positive way, but I think that it is something that should be examined and expanded upon.

It was father’s day this year, and my siblings and I were sitting in a circle with my parents, discussing life, God, dreams, and other philosophical ideas. This is something we enjoy doing together very much. My dad asked us a question. And we took turns answering it one by one. He asked us what it was in each of our lives that made us decide that we wanted to serve God.  

I have thought about this question ever since, trying to come up with all of the things that encouraged me to make these important decisions that have made my life so great. I started thinking about the things that my parents did right in raising my five siblings and me. In our family we equate our decision to serve God with success. My mom and dad succeeded in parenting because they have six children who are practicing successful Christian living. 

In the next few weeks I will be posting the reasons why I think my parents were successful. And, as aforementioned, we don't really judge success by the world's standards. When I say success I mean six kids who love and respect their parents, are best friends with one another, assets to society, are serving the Lord in ministry, and teaching their children to do the same. All of this together truly makes for a wonderful and blessed life. 

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