Friday, October 11, 2013

On a Journey With My DSLR

My husband gave me my wonderful camera a year ago this month. Here I thought I would be a professional by now… no such luck.

However, I have been very studious, reading SO many photography books and watching SO many online tutorials. The thing that they all tell me to do at this point is practice, practice, practice. Hopefully I have gotten a little bit better than the first day I looked at the camera…and wondered how to turn it on.
It has been a journey already... and I have a feeling it has only just begun.

Fortunately I have lots of adorable models to help me practice. So here is a little glimpse of what I have been working on (I have not started tackling photoshop... yet... so they are what they are for now).

My favorite little kiddies in the world (minus one, I will have to get to him later :) )

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