Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

Last night Cory and I took a little trip down memory lane to visit one of our old dating haunts. Coffee and pie at one of the local diners.

As we were driving there Cory said, “maybe our usual table will be open.” It wasn’t. But the thought was nice nonetheless.

I know we are young and so full of life, and potential, and future…. But there is something sobering in looking at all the wonderful memories that have been made. Because that is all they are, memories of a different time. Sometimes it seems more than that; A different life.

We sat across from each other last night and held hands like we used to. We were both a bit nostalgic as we discussed the various memories or conversations that took place in that very diner over the years. Sometimes I would even catch him looking at me with a hint of teenage boy in his eyes.

I recalled an evening we spent very early in our dating. He went to pay and realized that he forgot his wallet. Man, was the boy mortified when I picked up the ten dollar check. I told him he could pay next time. I distinctly remember him saying to me, “and every time.” We were just kids.

It wasn’t long later that we sat at our usual table as he tried (successfully obviously) to convince me that we should go for it. Have a relationship, be a couple, make a commitment to see where things went. I remember telling him we were friends. I didn’t want to hurt that. But he thought that we could be good together. Better together. He didn’t know where it would go, but he thought we should at least see.

And now look at us. He was right. We have had our fair share of ups and downs. Heartaches and breakups. But what would this life be if we didn’t have each other?

This life is truly wonderful. But with every day that we put behind us, I can’t help feeling that we lose something valuable. A moment. A memory. But that is life. We give each moment up in the hopes that the next moment will prove we have gained something of greater value.

Oh life. Through all of the sweet times it is hard to ignore the little bit of bitter that comes with the inevitable passing of time.

We were just kids once. We took a chance on each other. It has been the most wonderful and rewarding decision we could possibly have made. I will endeavor to savor the moment we have now because I know there will come a time when we will have the “remember when” conversation in regards to this sweet time in our life.

Though I know it will come, I know it will come at a time when I cannot imagine going back because of all of the precious things that we will have gained between now and then. I don’t want to say “I can’t wait” because I certainly can. But I am looking forward to seeing what we will have accomplished that merits pride. 


  1. Wow! You were such babies. I will remember that valuable advice of holding on to the precious moments today. Very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! I have never read this one. I don't know how I missed it. Definitely tear worthy.


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