Monday, February 3, 2014

February - It's the New January

One month of the New Year is already gone and I feel like I am still recovering from my Christmas blues and New Year prep. How is it that the time just goes?

Confession…. Just last week I took the Christmas lights off my house because I didn’t want to be “that person.” You know the one who leaves their lights up all year (but doesn’t turn them on) just because they never got around to taking them down, and then once July hits they decide they may as well leave them up for the coming Christmas. Yeah… that person. Another confession…. I still have several of my Christmas decorations out. Because I got several new ones this year I couldn’t fit everything into my same Christmas boxes, so I never finished Christmas clean up. Therefore, my awesome Santa is still sitting in his rocker on my buffet.

Last week, I was discussing the sad state of my goals with my little sister and she said, “February is the new January, don’t you know.” Relief just poured over me. Hooray, a new month with a fresh start to hit this year with lofty goals and enthusiastic productivity. 

I have been thinking a lot about the power of accountability. It is one thing to determine in one’s mind all of the things that need to get accomplished, and another thing to tell someone else that you need to do them. 

With that being said, for the month of February I am going to do a little goal reboot. Every Sunday evening or Monday morning (it’s my blog…. Whatever I feel like doing) I am going to post three goals that I want to work on this week. They don’t have to big things. They can be as simple as washing your hair every day (pretty ambitious I would say). But just little things that I want or need to be working on in addition to all of my every day necessities. 

I am doing this for me, because I think it will help me to do a little extra every week. However, because I am going to miss the blogathon so much, and because maybe some of you can empathize with this goal situation, I am going to create a link up. If you want to join me for this month on working on a few simple goals every week, I would love to help motivate you! And that is the beauty of it, one week at a time. It is very doable.

With that being said, here are few things I am going to work on this week. Pretty easy I would say, which means I am setting myself up for feeling successful and good about myself. Very important :) 

1.       Prepare for and file our taxes.
2.       Do 250 crunches every day this week (Now is the time to start working on that beach body).
3.       Edit one photo in photo shop (this may seem like a tiny goal but man is that program a challenge for me. I feel like pulling my hair out after sitting at the computer for an hour).

If you want to join in, then link below. Either way, have a wonderful Monday!


  1. oh gosh, if i was going to do 250 crunches i would keep up the christmas lights as a gift to myself for all the hard work :) have you done that many crunches before? can you see results soon?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jen! I like that idea about a gift to myself... I will have think of my reward :) To answer your question, the year before I got married I did 300 crunches every day for a YEAR. After awhile it was just a habit I was in, like brushing my teeth at night. At the time I felt that I wasn't getting the results I wanted.... but when I look back now I realize I should have been grateful! Take a "before" picture and do it for a month. I bet you will notice a difference.

  2. we just took our Christmas decorations down this weekend! and by "take them down" i mean, put them all in once place - the dining room table. they're still sitting there!

    1. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one :)

  3. My neighbor across the street is still rocking her one strand of Christmas lights and turns them on every night. She must be making up for lost time as she didn't even put them up until a few days before Christmas.


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