Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Get it Done

The squat challenge. It is definitely a love hate thing. There is nothing worse than getting all cozy in bed at night, reading for a few minutes, and then turning off the lights to enter into a happy dream land, only to have your eyes pop open in despair as you recall that you haven’t done your 185 squats. Oh man. That is a terrible moment.You hop out of bed mumbling under your breath. Just get it done.

Anyway, moving on to recap my specific goals for last week. My accomplishments were subpar. I had this wonderful plan of displaying a beautiful before and after of my Photoshop project that was on my goal list for last week. But…. I failed.

I rocked the crunches every day (except Sunday, a day of rest of course). And I did my taxes (what a relief to have that over so early in the year). And I shot some pictures that I want to practice with in Photoshop… but I never got to the actual doing part of that. There is always this week….

Even with the Photoshop mishap, this little system worked really well for me. So I am excited to tackle a few more little things this week.

Here is my new list of goals:

-          Get rid of ten pieces of clothing. I just have way too much…
-          Do 200 crunches and 1 minute plank every day
-          Run ten miles. Not necessarily at one time, but I have not incorporated much running into my winter workout routine, and spring is coming!
-          Re-memorize James 1. I memorized this long ago, but I want to start refreshing all of my scripture. This one is a good place to start.
-          And I am going to keep the Photoshop one picture on the list since I did not do so last week. Her we have a new week with new editing motivation and possibilities!

Just a few things that I am going to be improving this week. Should be fun :)


  1. I just got rid of 30 pieces from my closet and it felt great! You're going to feel great when you purge some stuff. The funny thing is I don't miss a thing...

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know it will feel better to lighten up my closet a little bit. You every have that weird fear that the minute you throw something away (something you haven't worn in three years) the perfect opportunity for wearing it is going to come. Yeah, it is a problem. But I am going to overcome it and get rid of some things this weekend!


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