Saturday, February 15, 2014

Romance at its Finest

Funny how the idea of romance can change over time. I mentioned to my sister early in the day yesterday that I didn’t think Cory would have time after work to get me my favorite chocolate from our local fudge store. It would be a little disappointing as he has gotten it for me every year and it is fun to have our little traditions. However, he did not disappoint. When he got home, there in his hand was the tell tale giant heart full of all my favorite goodies. Those are the little things that speak wonders of our own special romance.
Cory and I have had a great many Valentine’s Days together. I was eighteen for our first. That was back in the wooing stage. I have been spoiled by my fair share of five course meals, deliveries of roses, and champagne under the stars. Romance.

Valentine’s Day has changed a little with every year that passes. Last year we decided to stay in and Cory cooked for me. Everything from gourmet stuffed chicken to dessert. That man does know his way around the kitchen when he puts his mind to it. This year we decided to stay in again…. Only this time Cory informed me that I would cook and he would make homemade crème brulee. (hmmm…I see where this is going).

But I didn’t mind. I ran around in the kitchen for an hour with my damp hair up in a bundle. Right before Cory got home I threw on a dress and slapped a bit of mascara and lipstick on, pulled my hair down (without brushing of course) and called it good.

I wanted to dress up, but Cory likes to be comfortable. So we compromised. He could wear shorts or whatever he wanted, as long as from the waste up he looked nice. So in pictures or across the table he was dressed uUp

I set up a little table by the window that overlooks our beautiful view, lit some candles, and put on some Frank Sinatra, and there existed the ideal ambiance for a romantic dinner for two.

It does make it difficult to sit and have nice conversation while waiting for your food when you actually have to prepare and deliver the food. However, there is something cute and cozy about sending the hubby upstairs to pour the wine while I determine the best presentation for the food and bring it up.

We held hands and talked in the candle light about all of the wonderful years that have passed and all of the wonderful years yet to come. That is romance at its finest.

I don’t think that Valentine’s Day is necessarily that big of a deal. But it is a reason to do and say all of those important things you should be doing and saying anyway. If it gives you a little nudge to think little bit more about the one you love and to do a little something extra for him or her, then I say God bless it. 


  1. I hope you had a lovely time together :) xx


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