Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick and Easy Valentines Ideas for Him

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Man, I have been out of the blogging world this week. My hubby and I went away on a little marriage retreat with our church and it was so great! We left the cares and responsibilities of life at home and just spent some time focusing on each other and our marriage. 

With the inspiration from the retreat I feel like I got a little boost in the marriage department. Therefore several of my upcoming blogs may have to do with the wonderful and challenging relationship of husbands and wives.

With that being said, it is Valentine’s Day and I haven’t thought of a thing to do for my hubby. Three years of marriage and we have already come to this. Oh dear. 

We never really do big gifts for one another for Valentine’s Day. Back when we were first married and I was super creative (those were the days) I would make cute Valentine’s gifts for Cory.
 Here are five (mostly) quick, easy, and affordable Valentine’s Day Surprises for your hubby. 

1.       A “Reasons Why I love You” list. I was going to do only 25 when I made this for Valentine’s Day a few years ago, but once I started doing all of the little cute things that I loved, they just added up! So fifty it was. You can frame it if you want. I just printed it on nice paper and burnt the edges to give it a kind of rustic, romantic look. It is still hanging on our wall. Side note, this is actually a really wonderful reminder for yourself of the reasons why you fell in love with your husband in the first place. All of those special little things make him who he is. You should try it :)
2.       Take some boudoir pictures. They don’t have to be too naughty. But just a little bit sexy. It can get expensive if you get them professionally done. But if you have your sister do it, like I did, it is a really cheap way to show him some extra Valentine’s love. 
3.       Make a coupon book. This one was so much fun. I made a really cute booklet out of construction paper and wrote things on it that he loved to do. “Redeemable for one game of chess,” “Movie night. Your choice,” “Guys night out,” “One back massage.” These were really fun. He used them for the whole year whenever he wanted. (I couldn't find the ones that I made.... but these get the idea across).
4.       Make a collage. I made a collage of pictures starting from when we were first dating. We looked like such kids! I added scriptures and little tidbits of e-mails and letters that we have written to each other over the years. It is still hanging in our house, and I love it!
5.       Dinner under the stars. One Valentine’s Day when we didn’t have a lot of extra money, we decided to make a cheap date of it. We got one $5 pizza and sleeping bags and drove to a beautiful spot where we could see the stars. This was one of the most fun dates we have had. There is nothing more romantic than dinner under the stars.

I am sure most people are more organized than me :) But if not, here are a few fun Valentines ideas. Hope you have a wonderful evening with the one you love!

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