Friday, January 31, 2014

What Would It Look Like

The final day of the blogathon is already here. I am going to miss having a list to turn to every day for my writing topic. Oh well, it has been a fun little season.

Today’s prompt is one in which each individual’s response will vary vastly from one person to the next. Your life without the internet. What does it look like? I am really looking forward to my sister’s post over at Admissions of a Superhero. Her complicated relationship with the internet should afford some amusement. 

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We have become a society that is quite dependent on the technology we have. The convenience of the internet has greatly changed my life. And frankly, I love it.

The biggest way it has impacted my life is not with social media, or anything like that, it is with education. 

When I was in my first semester of college we had to do a session at the school library in which we learned how to find all of the books and various other sources we might need for our assignments. It was terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I am a book lover, and I love libraries. But doing research in a library is a drag. If I had to do the whole of my college writing within the parameters that were set before me in that first semester, I would not have enjoyed school nearly as much. God bless research using a search engine as opposed to the good old Dewey Decimal System. Additionally, I did not want to move away to finish school and hated the commute to CSU San Bernardino. Therefore the internet gave me the ability to do a large portion of my education in online classes.

Don’t even get me started on the wonderful convenience of paying bills online, buying your favorite album the minute it is released, the ability to watch you tube tutorials about anything, downloading your favorite show if you don’t have tv, or looking something up that you are curious about (I hear the extreme version of this is googlitis… yes it’s a thing… Google it :) ).

And to top the wonderfulness of it all off, it was because of the internet that I was able to start this happy little blog. Who knows the positive impact this has had in my life. My love of writing has been reawakened, I have learned to be less of a perfectionist and just write, I have learned to be disciplined in jotting down my ideas, I have learned so many simple elements of easy blog design, and I have met some fun like minded people in the blogosphere. It has definitely become a fun hobby for me. 

These are all conveniences that I could live without if I had to, but the internet certainly has impacted my life for the positive. However, we have to look to Solomon in cases such as these, “beware of all extremes.” Just because the internet is convenient does not mean you should use it all the time for everything. Sometimes it is still beneficial to use your brain to try to remember something in your memory palace as opposed to going straight to Google (or Bing if you are one of those).

And this concludes our January blogathon. It has been a fun month! Thank you to all of those who participated here and there. 

Link up below for the final day. What does your life look like without the internet?

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  1. Loved the blogathon lady. Hope you do it again. Your blog is one reason I am thankful for the internet.


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