Thursday, January 23, 2014

Addiction is a Strong Word

Thursday already! Today’s blog prompt offers opportunity to unleash all of your deep dark secrets. Yes, share one of weaknesses, addictions, or vices. This could be fun.

I am afraid I am not one of those girls with a big dark skeleton in my closet… my “addiction” comes in the form of delicious smelling coffee beans brewed to perfection.

Many of my sisters were thinking of giving up coffee in the New Year. I don’t even go there. I don’t get a headache if I don’t drink coffee every morning. I don’t need it every day. I just like the whole coffee experience. 

The whole “experience” sounds like a big description for a mere drink, unless you understood from whence I have come. Coffee time in my parent’s house is far more than a delicious beverage. It is what I like to call an emotional experience. Coffee time happens twice a day over there, and though I cannot be there every day, I understand the simple beauty found in the tradition. 

It is something to look forward to every day. It may give me a little burst of energy, or it may just make me talk really fast. Conversation with a good friend is nice. Conversation with a good friend over a cup of coffee is far better 

So this is as close as I get to vice or addiction, but I assure you it is a calculated appreciation for coffee (he he, I wonder how many people have said that before about other things…). 

What is one of your vices or addictions? Link up below!


  1. Of course you don't need it and of course you could quit at any time

    1. He he. I choose to ignore your sarcasm and thank you for agreeing with me.

  2. I think I will use this he next time my husband tells me I'm addicted to coffee. Thanks!!


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