Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Love Affair With....

I can’t even believe we are in the last few days of the blogathon. Today’s prompt can go wherever your imagination takes you. “My Love Affair With _____”.

My mind raced through a bunch of interesting topics…. Or rather, topics that are interesting to me; My emotional love affair with a book, practical love affair with my vitamix (certainly more on that in a future post regardless), my never ending love affair with Europe. So much potential. 

I am going with something very obscure and basic because I really, truly, bless the day this item came into my life. 

Wait for it....

My love affair with my memory foam mattress topper. 

Oh yes. This has been one of the most wonderful, and amazing purchases Cory and I have ever made.
It all started on a cold winter night (sounding serious right?), Cory’s back had been bothering him and he hadn’t been sleeping well. We happened to be at Costco and the mattress pad happened to be on sale. Rather fortuitous. And so we bought it. 

This happened to be on the night that my sister decided to have a baby. Cory and I were on call to watch her two older children. But seriously, we needed to try our wonderful new purchase. And so what did we do? We packed up the mattress pad (which is huge after it is out of the box and starts to un-smoosh by the way) and brought it over to my sister’s. If you are going to be sleeping in somebody else’s bed, this is the way to bring the comfort of home with you. 

It has been over a year since that day and I seriously kid you not…. Several times a week either Cory or I will vocalize to the other how wonderful our bed is. And I think how comfortable it is every. single. night. – no exaggeration. It is as if I am lying on a wonderful bed of cloud candy. 

So there you have it. A very different topic than the ones we have been discussing thus far. But really, my love affair with my memory foam mattress topper is a pretty big deal.

Now that you know how vast your options are, do you have any "love affairs" to share? Link Below!


  1. Gerber baby puffs. The cloud parted when I found out my son LOVES them and they keep him occupied in his high chair for a good 1/2 hour. Seems silly but right now...they are my love affair! :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mandy! I don't have any babies yet, but when my sister discovered those puffs for her baby she said (and I quote) they are "the best thing ever." So I think your love affair is definitely merited :)

  2. The second I read what the subject was I decided I wanted to blog about it. Then my next thought was "ah! I have the most clever idea! It will be about my love affair I have with my bed!" The following thought after reading the next few paragraphs "dang."

    1. Awesome bro. You can still write and I am sure it will be better than my little description :)

    2. I just finished my first blog post :) what do you think?

    3. I already left you a comment on your blog :)


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