Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goals for the Coming Year

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is day three of the January blogathon. A day to talk about goals. Hooray!

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Goals have always been a big part of our family. We always get together and evaluate the last year and make plans on how to improve the coming year. It is a great way to have accountability as well as encouragement and ideas in regards to your goals. And the same can be done in the blogosphere! I have already been perusing others people's blogs and reading what their goals are. And I am looking forward to reading more toady in the link up!

I have decided to do a set of goals that I want to focus on in the month of January. I think this is a good way for me to kick start the new year by setting goals that are going to be front and center for the month. The hope is that when February hits, I will have built habits that I won't just stop.
1. As I mentioned before, I am really going to focus on photography this month. I have a wonderful new lens and so I want to start building up my portfolio. This is going to be a fun and challenging project.

2. Work on my marriage. Not that I don't have a great marriage. But it is good because Cory and I always take the time to ask the other how they are doing and what could be done to increase their happiness. This month we decided that we would each write down three needs that were important for us (although Cory only gave me two because he says he can't think of anything else). So we are each making sure that the others needs are met by narrowing it down to a few important things that are done on a daily or weekly basis. I think this is going to be a great exercise in our marriage.

3. Learn Photoshop. This is so daunting to me for some reason! But I am going to tackle Photoshop this month. I would love any bit of advice from those who are familiar with the editing process.

4. Organizing my house. I have a nice clean house (usually)... but the other day I realized I have like seven junk drawers. I want to go through all of those areas that stuff gets shoved and just organize them. This sounds so boring! But it needs to be done, and I will be so happy when it is :)

5. Read the Bible through. This is not a solely January goal (obviously, or else I wouldn't be getting anything else done including work, cleaning, or cooking). I haven't read the Bible through in a few years so I am looking forward to this. I have a really neat plan in which my daily reading is divided between Old Testament, Psalms or Provers, and the New Testament. This way I am not just reading 2 Chronicles for a week. It should be fun. 

What are some the goals you want to work on this year? Have any big dreams you are pursuing? I would love to hear! Link below.


  1. my hubs & i are also going to read the entire Bible in 2014! we got a reading plan off of John Piper's church that we're using! good luck on all of your goals!!

    1. That is fun that you are your hubby are doing that together. I will have to check out the reading plan you got :) Same to you!


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