Friday, January 17, 2014

Memories You Wish You Could Relive

Today completes the second week of the blogathon already. Crazy how fast it is going! Our prompt for this lovely Friday is to share a favorite memory. 

I have so many wonderful memories that I could share. But I am going to choose one that lasted only a few minutes but made an impact forever. The kind that is spontaneous and perfect. The kind that you wish you could go back and revisit sometimes. 

I got engaged at Disneyland (FOUR years ago last December!!). Crazy how the time goes. My husband orchestrated it so that all of my family and his was going to be at Disneyland to celebrate after I said “yes.” He knew me so well.

A few hours after the fact everyone was there bustling around the rides and I was beginning to come back to earth from my crazy emotional high. We were all sitting at some tables in a tucked away corner of California Adventure. I don’t even know quite how it happened now, but everyone decided to go on various rides (this is like fourteen people I am talking about) except for my dad and me. 

I should preface this little memory by stating that my dad and I have a very special relationship. It scared the heck out of me to be marrying someone who was supposed to be number one instead of my dad.
I wish I could go back now and relive this memory because I don’t even really recall exactly what was said. All I know is everyone left, and he reached for my hand, and we both just started crying. 

In recording this event in my journal (which I just perused for the first time since... with tears), I asked my dad if he was sure Cory could take care of me. He said he was, and that Cory was a good man.

Those are the things a daughter needs to hear from a daddy that she loves and respects more than anything. He gave me the ability to take that next step in my life, the courage to embark on the unknown world of marriage. And it has been the most wonderful and rewarding adventure I could have imagined. 

I took this picture when my dad and I were driving to my wedding. Literally minutes before the ceremony. Man, the flood of memories wrapped up in the moment this simple picture captured.

What is one of your favorite memories? I would love to hear. Link below!


  1. I love this! There are some moments in life that words simply do not describe with any justice. This brought tears to my eyes.


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