Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Road That Led Me Here

Continuing on a rather deep note, today’s prompt offers yet another opportunity for reflection and soul searching. What are the most important elements that impacted you to make you who you are today?

This was a pretty fun one for me. I feel like there are so many things that brought me to where I am today. Various decisions could be overlooked as insignificant, until hindsight demonstrates their import. I will just name a few of those elements which greatly impacted the course of my life. 

First, my parents homeschooled me for the entirety of my pre-college education. Because of this I maintained friends that were church friends, developed a great love for both reading and writing, and set myself a very high moral standard at a young age. I cannot even imagine how different my life would be if I had not been homeschooled. It was one of the best things my parents could have done for me.

Next, when I was ten my parents started our church. We built this church up as a family and through the years it has truly become our family ministry. Sixteen years has passed and the church is thriving and full of so many wonderful people. Being part of the infamous “PK” clan, all of us kids were the kind that stayed on the straight and narrow. Having a place in the ministry truly helped to feed a sensitive conscience. 

And third, we grew up in a reasonably small town. I had a small circle of strong Christian friends. I remember so many of them couldn’t wait to get out. I was never like that. I always loved where I lived. And yes, the opportunities were limited. But the limited opportunities helped to direct my course. For instance, so many people have told me that I should have done modeling, and the greatest thing that kept me from it was the many required trips to LA. If I lived in a big city, I probably would have. And my life would look totally different. 

And finally, it was a combination of all of these things which brought me to where I am today. I loved my family and the safe environment that they made for me so I didn’t want to go away to the city for college. Yet, I loved to learn and wanted to study English Literature. As a result I commuted or did online classes until I completed my BA. I dated and subsequently married one of my childhood friends. And Cory says that if I had gone to pursue any of those opportunities in the city he doesn’t think I would have married him. What a sad thought, since we have built up the most wonderful life together.

It is amazing the little decisions that you make (or your parents make when you are young) which mold you into the person you are. This is why it is ever so important to seek God and determine the perfect plan that He has for you while making any of those potentially life altering decisions. 

What decisions, instances, or people brought you to where you are today? Link below!


  1. what a wonderful story & ministry! great pictures!!!

    1. It is quite wonderful (if I do say so myself). But the glory goes to God!

  2. Very wonderfully put. Crying a little, like usual.

  3. You truly bless me as a mom and friend. My heart is so full of joy and contentment. God is so good.

  4. Hi Jonni! I have been really enjoying the blogathon and reading all of your words of wisdom. You are a wonderful writer!


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