Saturday, December 28, 2013

361 Days to Go

Well the wonderful day that has been so longed for has come and gone. The family has gathered, presents have been given, the feasts have been eaten, the carols have been sung…the sun has set on Christmas 2013. 

I have been putting off writing for fear of embracing the reality that the season is really coming to a close. A little case of denial I suppose. For two days after Christmas I didn’t change anything about my Christmasy routine. I didn’t have to work. I drank coffee, had family time, watched Christmas movies, and listened to Christmas music. 

But somewhere deep inside is the knowledge of the impending reality. Christmas is over. The time of eating cookies and eggnog is ending. The New Year is coming. A time to make plans, dreams, goals. A time to shake off the past year and think of how to better oneself. 

It is just a little reminder of how quickly the time goes by. You spend so much time looking forward to something, and by the time that day comes… it is suddenly a memory. 

Herein lies the beauty of anticipation. Look forward to something, yes, but in the meantime enjoy every single day. Man, I enjoyed every day of this blessed season.
And so Christmas has come and gone, but deep down inside I carry a little twinge of excitement at those things I have to look forward to. Not the least of these being the knowledge that Christmas is only three hundred and sixty one days away.

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