Thursday, December 12, 2013

Looking Back

This week I happened upon a charming blog that had a very charming idea. In anticipation of the New Year, they are having a weekly link-up to reminisce about the year we will be closing shortly.

I happened to have had an AMAZING year, and would relish the opportunity of taking a little jaunt down memory lane. And so today I am linking up with Ashley over at A Thousand Words. 

This week’s time frame is April, May, and June.

This chunk of my life was INCREDIBLE. In fact, I started this blog, and wrote my first post, because of these months. 

I have a little list of things I want to do, experience, or accomplish before settling down and raising babies. And this was a big one. My husband and I took a trip of a lifetime. We saved and planned for a year, and in May we were off to Europe. For five weeks. 

April was spent in working, planning, routing our course, and booking hotels and train rides. I remember trying to enjoy the anticipation that whole time, because I was afraid how quickly the trip would come and go. 

May came and we were on a red eye flight to England. What a wonderful stay we had with some old friends as we explored the beautiful country. After leaving them we took a cruise around the Greek islands. That was a blast. So many beautiful islands! You can read about our hilarious donkey ride on Santorini here. Then we were off to Italy. This has to be my favorite European country…. It has Venice and Rome. Two wonderful cities. Finally, we closed our journey with a visit to the romantic city of Paris. Our hotel was a two minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and we walked there every night to sit and enjoy the lights.

June came and, in addition to the fact that we were still traveling, God took the opportunity of showing us his power and love by blessing us abundantly. While we were in Paris Cory’s boss got a job contract that would start five days after we got home, and the check would make up for the weeks he had missed of work. Only God. Amazing. I also started my first online class as teaching assistant at Ashford University a week before we got home. The beauty of online. In fact, I sent my first e-mails to students while snuggled up in a little “bed and breakfast” in Florence. Funny story about that particular bed and breakfast here.
Although Cory and I had been married for two years prior to this time, I remember feeling that while on this trip we got to know each other in a different way than we had ever known before. We experienced so many wonderful things that will bond us for life in a new way. Additionally, we were with each other, and only each other, all the time…. For five weeks. That alone will teach you something in marriage. In fact, I was inspired by this and jotted down a marriage post while snuggled in bed on the Aegean Sea. 

This was a wonderful time in my life, and I will look back on it fondly forever. Thank you to the girls over at this link up for the opportunity to think about it today!
Peach State of Mind


  1. So glad you linked up today!! I am so envious of your trip, Europe is a dream of mine!

    1. Such a fun link up :) Thanks for stopping by. You will have to get there one day!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by. It was a once in a lifetime experience Of awesomeness!

  3. So happy you linked up! This 5 week vacation makes me want to deplete our house saving account and go travel!!

    1. haha there is a season for everything :) We are now in the house saving season too

  4. Thanks for stopping by Daisy! I love travel photography :)

  5. Love seeing all your beautiful pictorial memories Jonni. I enjoy reading about your trip again. I feel a traveling bug coming on.


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