Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Something That Drives Me Bonkers

Let me preface this whole rant with the statement that I LOVE Christmas. Those who know me, and those who have ever happened upon my space on the web, should be very aware of this fact. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Hey, they didn't put it in a song for no reason.

Having said that, I will get to the whole thing that drives me crazy (sorry if you are one of these people, but here it is). The whole concern with commercialism thing... I mean really. What is that? Those people who do not want to get caught up in the frantic buying of the season because of commercialism. What is the logic here exactly?

This is the season of giving. And most people are not going to be making ALL of their own presents. Therefore, if you are in fact going to give presents to your loved ones, odds are you are going to buy them. So why wouldn't stores capitalize on a time when people will be buying for others? Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of those sales?

Commercialism doesn't get in the way of the Christmas spirit, the individual’s heart attitude does. And if someone is going into the season being irritated by every Christmas commercial, Christmas decoration, and Christmas promotional, then that person is the scrooge.

People may think I am crazy, but there is something wonderful about the crowded malls. Thousands of people searching for the perfect gift for someone else, Christmas songs playing in the background, there is an overall feeling of good cheer.

So instead of getting all distraught over commercialism, focus on the giving aspect of it. Be thankful we live in a place where we can go to ten different stores to find the best price. Commercialism… Bah humbug.

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