Monday, December 9, 2013

You Don't Feel It???

While surfing the web a little yesterday I discovered, to my utmost despair, that many writers of the blogs I was reading… wait for it… WERE NOT in the Christmas spirit!!! What a sad place to be.

Because I am full of Christmas cheer, and a self proclaimed Christmas-cheer-bringer, I decided it was my duty to share some tricks with the blogosphere. Maybe someone who is not feeling jolly will try one of my tactics.

Here is a little to-do for Christmas cheer list....

1.     Make homemade hot chocolate (extra chocolate-y) and add a little drop of peppermint extract.

2.     Wrap presents.

3.     Watch one of the Christmas Carol movies (I prefer George C. Scott or the Muppets version, both are excellent).

4.     Listen to Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything” loud, over and over. That will rock you with the true meaning of Christmas. Seriously.

5.     Write a Christmas list. 

6.     Bake snickerdoodles. 

7.     If you read my previous post, then you probably expect this one: wear a Santa hat. Those things possess the magic to make you feel full of Christmas cheer.

8.     Say “Merry Christmas” to everyone you come across. 

9.     Make hot apple cider and sit by the fire and/or Christmas tree.

10.   Bake and deliver Christmas cookies to your neighbors. 

11.   Decorate something in your house that you do not usually decorate. Get creative with red, silver, gold, and green.

12.   Learn all the words to Muppet Christmas Carol’s “It Feels Like Christmas” and sing it to yourself. That song has all the words to get you into the spirit.

13.   Put lights up on the outside of your house. Or better yet, have your husband put them up while you offer moral support from inside :)

14.   Dance around to the song “sleigh ride” just like a little kid. Don’t forget to slap that booty at the getty-up part. Very important. 

15.   Drive around and look for Christmas lights to admire.

16.   Christmas shop. Whether in the comfort of your home with a computer or out with all the other shoppers. Start searching for the perfect gifts for your family members. What fun!

17.   Read Luke 2.

18.   When others are in the car with you, sing “The 12 Days of Christmas” together. 

19.   Make Christmas cards.

20.   Throw a Christmas Party.

21.   If you can get some snow… go sledding, have a snow ball fight, go sleigh riding (I wish) or something snowy.

22.   Make gingerbread houses.

23.   And, if you are in really bad shape, fast from all music outside of Christmas music, and all movies outside of Christmas movies. That will cure you!

If you want to enjoy this wonderful Christmas season to the utmost, and yet you can’t seem to get your jolly meter up, try couple of these. You will be a little mini Santa before you know it.

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  1. ok I am going to try some ideas on your list right now! Although you forgot about eggnog, which I can mark off the list every day. I will be waiting for my baked cookies neighbor :)


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