Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week's Christmas Five

I am participating in Five on Friday once more over at The Good Life Blog. I am all about Christmas these days. So here is a little taste of my Christmas spirit in five things I am loving this week.

1. Christmas time at Disneyland... the most wonderful, magical combination in the world. 

2.  Santa hats. This is a holiday season must have. I am wearing my sister's in this picture... mine is the cheaper dollar tree version... but it serves the purpose. Here are a few reasons why you should add one of these little babies to your wardrobe:
a. At Christmas time, it matches with everything.
b. If you didn't wash your hair, just slap one of these on your head and you still look as cute as ever
c. This gives you both the feeling and the appearance of happiness.

3. Maple Leaf cookies from Trader Joes... I am addicted. They are weirdly delicious. I shouldn't buy them considering one cookie contains 110 calories. My dad had the goodness to inform every person he gave one to on Thanksgiving... "Have a cookie, 110 calories." And no, that didn't deter me. They are heavenly.
4. The song "Christmas in LA". My favorite band, The Killers, release a Christmas song for charity every year. This year's song is so wonderfully sad and beautiful. The lyrics just strike a nerve.

5. These little guys. Trying, trying, trying to get a good photo of all my nieces and nephews. If one isn't goofing off, another is. Still, they are the cutest, sweetest bunch of kids. Though imperfect, I love these pictures. Their little personalities come through.

What went on in your week?

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