Monday, December 23, 2013

Confessions of a Christmas Hobo

My little sister coined the term "Christmas Hobo", and it gave me a little piece of inspiration. Only two days to Christmas and I am having to fight the feelings of sadness that the wonderful season is almost gone. A little wrong, I know.

On another note... here are some activities that make up the (seasonal) life of a Christmas hobo. 

1. I bought six boxes of maple cookies last week. I have almost gone through them all.... and I don't share.

2. I promised that I would not let my gym days wain to a measly two or three days a week... and I only made it in three times last week (and that is only because I had to work :)). Every night I went to bed I told myself, "I will go work out in the morning." and every morning I said, "nope, going to have 'Merry Christmas Coffee'" at the parents.

3. I went three full days without washing my hair. I am not even sure how much I brushed it. Every morning I would pop a Santa hat on and call it good.

4. I will not go into detail, for fear of shocking people, but the state of my happy Christmas house... oh my. The dishes, the clothes, the laundry.... it is a wee bit out of control.

5. I have not really been eating proper meals. I have been on an eggnog and cookie diet.

6. I spent one whole day last week in stretchy pants. I don't mean leggings with cute boots, and a shirt that goes below your booty like its supposed to. No.... I mean yoga pants, a frumpy shirt, Uggs (not that I am dissing uggs, I love those babies) and, of course, a Santa hat. And I went shopping, and to Starbucks, and the post office....

7. Tonight will be our forth Christmas party in a row (three consecutive nights, yes, we doubled up once). And at every party I ate and drank, ate and drank. From eggnog to mulled wine. It was splendid.

8. I always make my bed. I love having a nice, neatly made bed. Last week I went fiIve days straight without making my bed.... and I was okay with it.

So there you have it. A Christmas hobo. And you know.... I don't regret any of it. It has been a truly wonderful Christmas season. Even if I am a little softer than usual, my house is messy, my hair is unkempt... I have not missed out on a single opportunity of enjoying the season. 

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  1. Haha sounds like you had so much fun!!! I'm there with you in the stretch pants!! ;)


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