Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Challenge for You

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend filled with Christmas cheer :) I am not meaning to get too ahead of myself, but I just want to post a little preview of what is coming in January.

I am going to be hosting a blog challenge! (sounds of applause and excitement). Sometimes you just want to write, you know. And you don’t feel inspired or you aren’t sure what to write about, so you put it off in the hopes that a brilliant idea will come knocking at your door. And then the inevitable happens…. You don’t! Am I alone in my principles here?

Well, enough with that, I will be posting a list of blog prompts, topics, and ideas for the month of January. Just simple, fun, stuff.

This challenge will commence the Monday after New Years and we will blog Monday through Friday for the whole month of January. Woohoo. I will post again as we get closer to the day. Hope you can join in the fun!

- Monday January 6th Your personal “home for the holidays recap”, complete with your own traditions you love. 
- Tuesday January 7th Share something that inspires you, a photo, a quote, a scripture. Anything.
- Wednesday January 8th Jot down some of your goals for the coming year.
- Thursday January 9th Share a photo that speaks a resounding, “you”. Don’t just take a picture of yourself. Get creative.
- Friday January 10th Name your top three favorite literary heroes. What do you love about them?
- Monday January 13th Rant about something that drives you crazy.
- Tuesday January 14th Post a quote you love (or don’t love) and respond to it.
- Wednesday January 15th Write a “day in the life” post.  
- Thursday January 16th Share one of your favorite recipes.
- Friday January 17th What is one of your favorite memories?
- Monday January 20th Review a book or movie you have recently read/seen.
- Tuesday January 21st  Share some lyrics in a song that speak to you. You know the kind that give you the shivers up your spine and make you wish you had written it.
- Wednesday January 22nd  Create a story out of pictures, almost like a comic book.
- Thursday January 23rd  Share one of your weaknesses, addictions, or vices.
- Friday January 24th Creative writing! Jot down a very short bit of fiction beginning with, “The night was replaying in her mind like an irritating pop song….”
- Monday January 27th Share some great advice that you have been given.
- Tuesday January 28th What are the most important elements that impacted you to make you who you are today? People, decisions, etc.
- Wednesday January 29th Fill in the blanks for your title, “My Love Affair With _______” and write about it.
- Thursday January 30th React to the term “success”.
- Friday January 31th Imagine life without the internet. What would it look like in your world?


  1. This seems like such a fun thing to do in the new year!! I will definitely be trying this out. X

    1. hi Jessica! Yes it should be a lot of fun :) I'm looking forward to you linking up!

  2. Yay!!!! I'm good on my blog line until January so this is great!


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