Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Things You See at Disney

Many of you must think I am a little over the top with Disney lately… but it really is a big part of our family this time of year. I have been cheating on these wordless Wednesday link-ups. Obviously, this is not so wordless. 

As I have already ruined the wordless bit, I will point something out about Disney love. I was just commenting to my sister this morning, as we were walking through the Disney gates for a little shopping and coffee on Main Street, how happy the place makes me feel. I know that sounds cheesy… but really, the thousands of people having fun, the Christmas music, the ambiance, the cheery employees, it is just a wonderfully happy place. If you don’t agree, just go there sometime with the anticipation of being happy (at Christmas time preferably), get yourself an eggnog latte (or whatever beverage you prefer), sit in central park and watch the castle, the Christmas tree, the happy people, the characters… you will understand. 

End of my little soap box moment.

Today’s theme is Christmas character encounters; a perfect theme to have after our trip to Disney this week. Now… onto the wordless bit.  


Focused on the Magic


  1. What fun! I love seeing all the holiday cheer!!

  2. Christmas time at the park is my absolute favorite :) it's just so beautiful

  3. These pictures say it all! What a happy time we had!


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