Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's My Problem Anyway?

I just listened to a new Christmas song which has the line, “you close your eyes, another year blows by.” What a dreadfully sad thought…. And yet I relate to the line so well.

I have this issue. It is something that I have struggled with ever since I was old enough to realize how fast time goes by.

While I am enjoying the Christmas season to the utmost, in the back of my mind I have this heaviness weighing on me. The heaviness is the result of feeling like Christmas will be over before I know it.
A few weeks ago I was discussing this concern with me dad. He said, “Oh Jonni, it’s already over.” He understands.

I am unsure of the answer to this issue I have. The best I can do is to enjoy every moment as they come instead of lamenting how quickly they are passing.

We trimmed our tree over the weekend. The biggest tree we could fit into our homey little house. Literally, the star touches our ceiling. It is beautiful. I am greeted with the wonderful fresh Christmas smell every time I come home.

After spending way too much time just to get the tree straight (sometimes I think Cory has OCD tendencies) and placing all of the various decorations, the two of us sat under the lights, cider in hand, just enjoying the moment.

A moment...that little space of time in which you note your happiness or your thankfulness, when you snuggle up with the one you love or laugh out loud at your silliness.... this is what life is all about.

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  1. so true! I am also working on enjoying the moment and not thinking about the moment being over. As soon as you start thinking about it being over you actually are taking time away from your moment therefor making it over quicker. So live in the moment!


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